006 – Let’s Lose the Labels

I’m guessing you’ve spend years subconsciously conforming to labels you were ‘given’ as a child.

Sometimes positive, sometimes negative and sometimes not all that helpful at all.  In this episode I explore what it means to live by these labels and how you can decide whether to let them hinder or help you on your journey to being brave enough to be you.

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Comments on 006 – Let’s Lose the Labels

  1. info@karennashphotography.co.uk says:

    WOW!!! How truly spoken. I had never thought of things in the way Caroline has put them across in this podcast. I’ve carried the label as Bossy for 39 years!! Feel quite emotional after that x

    1. CJ says:

      Sending you lots of love Karen, we often carry these things with us without realising and they can show up in so many different ways. x x

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