You're here because you are in business...

You want to be in business, you really do, but sometimes you wonder if it would be easier to work for someone else.

You had no idea it was going to be so tough to get clients and with every month that passes you have less and less money in the bank.

You want to live a live of freedom and fun and flexibility – that’s what drew you to self-employment in the first place – but it’s just so f*cking hard.

Your confidence is at rock bottom and whether you admit it or not this self-employment malarkey is affecting all areas of your life.

You spend far too much time on your phone.

You will the kids to go to bed at a decent time so you can catch up on work.

And your partner doesn’t even get a look in.

It is so f*cking tough.

Am I in your head?

That’s because I used to be you.

Skint. Miserable. Unfulfilled. And desperate for this business to work.

I just wanted to make a difference.

And now?

I help women just like you get more clarity, confidence and clients – and who doesn’t want that?

We will work together to look at just what is holding you back and why you haven’t got the business you dream of and we are going to cut through all of that crap.  Together.  It might not be easy, it might not be gentle, but it will be worth it.

You deserve a kick-ass business and you deserve it now  – not when the baby sleeps through, not when the kids start school, not when the teenagers move out – NOW! 

It's time...

It’s time for you to choose.  

It’s time to decide whether you are worth it and whether you really want your business to work.

It’s time for you to decide if we are going to do this sh*t together.

Caroline Thompson

Who am I?

If we’re going to do this together, then I guess I should introduce myself, I’m Caroline Thompson, Business and Confidence Coach and all round believer in women.

I always knew I’d be self-employed and even told my boss this about seven years before I left.  

I didn’t know exactly what I would be doing and after playing around with some sewing, training in hypnobirthing and babywearing, I finally put my Business degree, Masters, and fourteen years of small business experience to good use by finding my rightful place in the world.

I was born to make a difference.  I was born to coach.

I was born to work with you.

Caroline x

Official Boring (but Important) Bits

  • I’m a Barefoot Trained Coach (check them out they are pretty awesome)
  • I have an MA in Developing Professional Practice
  • I have a BA (Hons) in Business Administration
  • I’ve been working with small businesses since 2003
  • I have amazing testimonials (seriously – check some of them out below)
  • I have my own podcast – Brave Enough to Be You
  • I’m writing my first book as we speak!

Fun Stuff You Might Want to Know

  • I have two amazing boys who gave me the courage and determination to go it alone
  • I’ve raised over £20,000 for breast cancer charities
  • I’ve walked down Blackpool Prom in a bikini on Boxing Day (more than once!)
  • I won several art competitions as a child
  • I’ve recently joined a choir after being terrified of singing for over 25 years 
  • I want to visit all 58 of the UK’s surviving piers

What my clients say...

Caroline is a fab coach and mentor. She's supportive but also gives you the push that you need to be you in your business. I have grown and developed my business since working with Caroline and the idea for the business was actually birthed in her members club! So thankful for all of her input and look forward to working with her again.
I am not the type of person to have a business coach. If you're unsure like I was at first, I can reassure you it’s the best decision I made. Caroline is very supportive and intuitive to your needs and is an asset to your business 💕
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