The Brave Business Academy - Caroline Thompson

Helping you cut through the crap and get more clarity, confidence and clients
by being brave enough to be you

You started your business because you want to help people, and you really do, you just wish the ‘business side’ of things wasn’t so difficult.

You hear people talking about ideal clients, sales funnels, big launches… and you barely even know what they mean, never mind know how to go about it

You don’t want to give up, but sometimes it feels like you don’t have a choice.  Your family are relying on you. You need to start bringing in money. You are seriously considering getting a job.

But you’ve worked so hard.

You haven’t come this far, to only come this far.

You’re convinced there must be some big secret, a magic business pill, that will catapult you to success yet none of the freebies you’ve downloaded and none of the groups you’ve joined so far have helped.


You’re starting to doubt whether you are cut out to be a “businesswoman”, you’re just not sure that you are brave enough, and that you have the guts to keep putting yourself out there.


And now you are starting to wonder how I got inside your mind! 


I got inside your mind, because not only have I been there  I have also worked with plenty of women like you.


Women who want to find their voice.


Women who want to be heard (without upsetting anyone or sounding stupid).


Women who know they need to be seen but really just want to hide.


Women who just want to make this work.

Are you looking for 'the thing'?

I know what it is like to think you need to find ‘the thing’. 

When I started my first business I had over twelve years experience of working with small businesses, I knew how to ‘do’ social media, I knew about marketing, I knew about sales, I knew how to manage a business, I just didn’t realise how different it would be to do this for myself.

Selling your services is so different from selling someone else’s.  Finding your own clients and bringing in your own money is so different from receiving your salary each month.  Putting your face (and voice) out there is so different from creating content for other people.


I had all the tactics.  I knew all the stuff.  


I lacked belief. I lacked confidence.  I lacked bravery.

Being brave.

Only when I started to own every single part of me (including the bits I was ashamed of, the things I was scared of saying, the stories I had been carrying around for years) did I start to make progress and feel successful in my business.


It was being brave that led me to launch my membership, train as a coach, and go on to have multiple £10,000 launches.  It was being brave that led me to invest in myself, to learn from people doing what I wanted to do, and to start putting myself out there.  It was being brave that led me to launch my podcast, speak on stage and host a retreat.

Caroline Thompson walking through the park

And all of this is available to you -
whatever you dream, you can achieve.

Are you brave enough?



The Brave Business Academy is not a one-size-fits-all approach.  It is not an online course. It is not self-study.


It is your chance to experience live coaching, dig into my toolbox, access the knowledge of industry experts and be part of an amazing community of like-minded women.


Being part of The Brave Business Academy will give you the confidence, skills and knowledge to be brave enough to be you and to start building the business of your dreams (because I know you have those big, bold, beautiful dreams that currently seem so far removed from the life you are living). 


It will give you the clarity and confidence to start calling in clients so that not only do you have a business, you really feel like you have a business. A business that you can be proud of. A business that pays its way – and pays you pretty nicely too.  


Imagine when you can afford that elusive night out, that family holiday, those extra activities for the kids.  Hell, maybe you can even treat yourself to a new coat and some new shoes – because, once again, I know that you have been putting everyone else’s needs before yours. 


This might be the first step towards being brave enough to prioritise yourself and your needs.  It might be your first investment that is actually about you, for you and not for a certificate or qualification that you ‘think’ will help you get clients.

Because whether you realise it yet or not, you are worth it!

Because whether you realise it yet or not, you are worth it!

Join The Brave Business Academy today and you will get:

Weekly goal setting and accountability (Value – £97)

A weekly Q & A where you really can ask me anything (Value – £97)

A monthly masterclass to teach you new skills and learn from industry experts (Value – £197)

A monthly group coaching call for you to get support and real-time coaching (Value – £197)

Monthly motivation session – like a book club but better! (Value – £97)

Exclusive offers and discounts on coaching, events and retreats (Value – Priceless)

A community like no other (Value – Priceless)

Total Value – £685 a month


There is a library of masterclasses just waiting for you to dive in to, including:
  • How To Grow Your Facebook Group and Use It To Call in Clients (Value – £197)
  • How to Master Your Message (Value – £197)
  • Why Intuition is Your Super Power in Business (Value – £197)
  • Grow Your Tribe Without Losing Your Mind (Value – £197)
  • Planning Your Podcast (Value – £197)
  • How to Make Your Book Mean Business (Value – £197)
  • Mastering Your Money Mindset (Value – £197)
  • Creating Compelling Copy (Value – £197)
  • Tapping for Confidence and Clients (Value – £197)


  • Creating Fully Aligned Goals (£197)
  • How to Become an Anti-Racist Supporter (£197)
  • Common Mistakes You Are Making on Social Media (£197)
  • Accessing Abundance (£197)


And now the bit you’ve been waiting for (or the bit you’ve instantly scrolled down to see)…

Just how much is all of this going to cost you?

It could easily be priced at hundreds or thousands of pounds, there are all the masterclasses (worth over £4,000), there’s the live calls (£294 a month) , there’s the weekly ask me anything (£203 a month)…

And you can get it all for just £47 a month*.


If you want to pay annually, you save £120  AND get a 30 minute 1:1 Business Breakthrough Session (value £247) – only £444.


Join today and start building your business the brave way.  I’ll be right by your side.


The first five people to join and pay in full will receive a Get Sh*t Done Session (Value – £247) – this is your chance for me and you to work on your business together and tick something off your super long list.



Join today and start building your business the brave way.  I’ll be right by your side.




Join before midnight on Friday 27th November and receive a free copy of ‘Playing Big’ by Tara Mohr.


Join today and start building your business the brave way.  I’ll be right by your side.



* Minimum 12 month contract applies