Clarity, Confidence and Clients

Helping you go from overwhelmed and under-achieving to creating a profitable business that you love in 90 days, even if you are knackered and have no time.

WARNING – this programme is not for you if you are not willing to show up and do the work

You see, I only want to work with you if you want the results as much as I do.

And I want to reassure you that this does not mean getting up at 5am, working all the hours or doing all the things.

I know what it is like to have limited time and limited energy.


If you are tired of being tired and making excuses


You dream of having a business that you not only love but that also brings you in the money you need (consistently)


You are in the right place.

Imagine if you had the confidence to show up as you are and that you had the perfect number of clients for you.

Imagine if you spent your days working on the things you love (rather than worrying about whether you need to get a “proper” job).

Imagine if you had the time and money to do all the things you want to do.

Imagine if you had the time and energy to really be present with your partner and kids

Just imagine….

How do I know that these are the things you dream of?

Because I get it. I’ve been there.  

I know you worry about everything; the money; the time; the marketing…

You feel like you need to be doing all of the things all of the time but actually you are so knackered and overwhelmed you are actually doing nothing.

And you are sick of listening to yourself moan (whilst putting on a brave face to everyone else).

You want to feel that starting your own business was the right decision but you are actually shit scared because you never quite know whether you can afford the bills each month.

You NEED more clients.

You NEED more money.

You NEED this to be a success.

And I want you to know that this is possible. 

You can have all of this (and more).

How do I know this?

Because I am you and you are me.  Not in some kind of woo woo universe energy kind of way (although that too!) but in a totally down to earth, relateable way.

Not too long ago I was where you are now.  I was flip flopping between full time mum, part time employee, hypnobirthing teacher and business coach and I was knackered.

I had no real clarity, not a huge amount of confidence and definitely not enough clients.

I was suffering, my relationships were suffering and my whole life was pretty miserable.

Then I miscarried my second child, closely followed by getting pregnant with twins and losing one of my precious boys at 19 weeks gestation.  To say my world fell apart doesn’t actually seem to say enough.  

There is nothing like a loss to make you realise that life is too short.  Too short to be miserable.  Too short to be skint.  And too short not to be doing a job you love.

Fast forward to today and not only am I exactly where I want to be but I am also doing what I love, earning a decent amount of money and helping other women get that too.

It is obvious to everyone I meet that something has happened.  Something has changed.  Something has developed.  And that something is me.

I’ve never felt better.  I honestly can not explain the benefits coaching and finding my tribe have brought.  Getting that support was the best thing I ever did and I dread to think where I would be without it.  (Still struggling, still sad, still skint, still suffering…)

Caroline Thompson Sat at Desk Behind a Laptop


12 month payment plan added – doors close at 8pm tonight! 

Ready to find out more?

Clarity, Confidence and Clients

90 days to change your business and your life forever


First 30 Days - Clarity

The first month is all about getting clarity – for what you want in your life and your business.  We will be completing The Connection Contract – going deep in to anything you want to connect with and why and then we will move on to The Crystal Clear Clarity System because, let’s face it, you want a business that lights you up.   

It’s all about you – not your partner or your kids, not your friends or your family or the lady who lives next door to your Nan.  We know that everyone has an opinion when you go self-employed but this isn’t about them, it’s about you, and if you haven’t connected all the dots yet, you soon will.  

Once you start to get this clarity, the clients will start to come. There is no magic formula – as you will see in the last 30 days!) but it is true.  Your – currently prospective – clients can sense this clarity.  It will reflect in everything you do.  And what’s more, it isn’t just your clients that will notice.  Everything will start to improve – when you start to be true to who you are life gets better.  Life is not meant to be a struggle and yet so many of us are trapped in moaning mode.  Tired, miserable and moaning and that is not fun for anyone.

WARNING – You might want to bring tissues, I’m expecting tears as we make some amazing breakthroughs.

Days 31-60 - Confidence

Confidence, people think you’ve either got it or you haven’t but that simply isn’t true.  You don’t need to be a super-confident extrovert to succeed in business.  You can be quietly confident and still kick ass.

These 30 days are going to unlock the confidence in you.  We’re going to start with The Fear Foundation Formula – looking at just what is holding  you back and why.  Whether it’s the tech, the time or the thoughts we will delve deep and start to get some real transformation.  

Moving on to The Faith in You Formula we will start to add weapons to your arsenal so that you really do start to have faith in you.  You are amazing and when you start to not only see but truly feel in to this the magic will really start to happen.

And just imagine when that confidence starts to bring in the cash.  When people want to work with this wonderful woman who clearly loves what she does and is awesome at it.  Because that’s the thing you know and I know that you are amazing at what you do, when you have the confidence to tell others that to you will start to see real results.

You do not need to change who you are – you just need to believe in who you are.  

Days 61-90 - Clients

Possibly the bit you have been waiting for as these are going to pay your bills – please trust me when I say they will come, especially after all the work you’ve done leading up to this!

The first part of the clients module is The Client Connection System – and we will be looking at not only who you want to work with and why but how you can really start to speak their language and connect with them – in the same way this page is connecting with you!

Receiving enquiries, comments, messages from people feeling like you are talking directly to them is an amazing feeling – they already feel like you know them inside out so why would they not want to work with you?  Honestly, the buzz this gives  you is like nothing else.  And when you are getting these clients consistently you will be out of the shit with your business and your finances and can actually start to enjoy self-employment.

And finally, last but not least is The Magic Money Making Model (spoiler alert – no actual real magic other than the work you have done up to now working it’s magic!).  This module – and your free gift – will help you to think differently about money so that you can start to earn what you truly deserve. 

Chances are you started your business for the fun, the freedom and flexibility right?  I know they might be missing at the moment but they are there just waiting for you to discover them.


If you are finally ready to embrace this then Clarity, Confidence and Clients is for you!

As if that wasn’t enough…

Juicy Bonuses

💎 90 Day Planning Workshop X 2Value £194
💎 Mystery GiftValue £47
💎 Inner Mentor Visualisation with Yvonne HopkinsonValue £47
💎 The Imposter Trap with Emma O’BrienValue £250
💎 Super Supportive Facebook GroupPriceless
💎 Six Months in The Members ClubValue £264

Meet Kelly

When Kelly started working with me she was teaching meditation from a small studio on the outskirts of Blackpool.  Her classes were full and she liked it but it didn’t truly light her up and with a young family it wasn’t always that convenient to be leaving the house at set times every week.

Kelly wasn’t sure if she could afford coaching but they way she looked at it “could she afford not to?”

Kelly is now building her brand “Plus Size and Pregnant” and has recently launched her podcast and online antenatal classes.

She also has a successful Doula and Babywearing business, every time she works with a client she gets that warm buzz of knowing that she is making a huge difference to their lives and she works at times that suit her.  

Kelly runs a hugely successful sling library, sees private clients every week and has collaborations with the local council and children’s centres.

Kelly has made changes in her business and her personal life and recently spent some time reflecting on how good her life is, how much she’s come on in the last five years, and how strong and confident she now feels in all areas of her life.

Time is running out!


12 month payment plan added – join us for just £147 a month!

Fancy Going for Gold?

If you love the idea of a group programme but would also like to work with me one-to-one then Clarity, Confidence and Clients Gold could be the one for you!

With CCC Gold you not only get all the amazing content and bonuses from Clarity, Confidence and Clients, you also get a monthly call with me. 

Just me. You. And whatever you want to work on to encourage your personal and business transformation.

It might be that you have something top secret that you want to discuss or perhaps you want to delve deeper in to something we cover in the group programme – whatever it is, this is your chance.

The cost of working with me 1:1 is normally £5,000 (for fortnightly calls) but the investment for CCC Gold would be just £3,497 (monthly calls).  Payment plans are available please get in touch. 

Caroline Thompson

Clarity, Confidence and Clients Gold

Pay in full £3,497 – contact me for payment plans

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